What Is Correct Nutrition?

If you eat the foods that your ancestors ate for thousands of years you will achieve correct nutrition. If however, you have eaten other foods for long periods, your health may be suffering. Getting to excellent health may require some professional guidance. We help our clients to nourish themselves onto the healing pathway, and guess what - food alone can get you there! 


GAPS Signpost

Today, we have many interesting dietary approaches including vegetarian, vegan, paleolithic, high-carb/low fat, low-carb/low fat, low-GI, raw. People are confused on the matter and who can blame them? So called 'dietary experts' often recommend this 'diet' or that 'superfood'. The truth is that only you can decide what's right for you and your senses are there as a guide.


What Is GAPS and why is everybody talking about GAPS? 

Before we talk about anything else, let's deal with GAPS. GAPS is a natural treatment for many so-called 'untreatable' 'incurable' modern conditions such as ADHD, dyspraxia and autism. There is a long list of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and the GAPS protocol is designed to deal with the root cause of the whole spectrum of outward symptoms. GAPS seems to offer a lot more hope than 'avoidance' type diets such as and GFCF. This is because GAPS offers a logical explanation for how sickness occurs and how it can be healed, step-by-step, starting with healing the digestive system.

GAPS is a more appropriate concept of health than many other approaches and it seems to work quite well in practice. The proof is in the pudding! To read more about GAPS click here: "Gut Health".


Why did Eoin get the GAPS Practitioner qualification?

Eoin believes that GAPS is "the future of healthcare for chronic illness" and he decided to train for the GAPS qualification and now he is part of a worldwide network of over 450 GAPS practitioners. The practitioner forum allows each practitioner to seek a second opinion from many sources across the globe. 

In march 2014, Eoin received the GAPS CGP Certificate. To find out if GAPS is suitable for you and your loved ones, make contact with Eoin, your local GAPS Practitioner and Nutritionist.


Our Aim

The mission of Correct Nutrition is to educate individuals about improving their health. The truth is often hard to find and we make that part easy. The most economically viable way to boost our health is through the foods that we eat. From the body's point of view, nourishmeLucky Applent is also the most acceptable form of treatment. It is the only method that has stood the test of time in many different cultures across the earth's surface. For a long time in our history food was the only option we had. The various 'convenience' methods of treatment being used today are, in evolutionary terms, a recent invention. We want to spread the message of correct nutrition far and wide. 


Who Comes First?                                     

Every thing in nature is unique, including youYou do. Correct Nutrition offers clients the unique opportunity to have their diet, lifestyle and medical history put under the microscope. Clients receive dietary recommendations that are tailored to their individual situation. For example, if you suffer with irritable bowel or stomach cramps, foods that are gentle on the gut will be a priority.

Similarly, if we consult with a person who has reduced bone density, they may want to exercise more to stimulate bone formation. However, this person would benefit greatly from a selection of foods that contain the building blocks for bone growth. In this case, exercise may be more rewarding after a considerable period of bone nourishment.


Getting Better With Food

Food can help us to better our health, but only if we improve the way we use it. For example, many people use processed stock pots to add flavour to their meals. Fake stock has little to offer our bodies whereas traditional home made meat/bone stock is a highly nourishing food. If we get better with our food we can easily have more of these nutrient dense foods in our diet.

In our experience, we have learned that a step-by-step approach is the only way to make changes that will last. Education is an important part of the jig-saw and clients will learn about health issues specific to their needs. We aim to have our clients make informed decisions, rather than simply following orders. Changing your diet should be empowering!


Great News!

In March 2014, Eoin received his certificate to practise under the umbrella of Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS). Now he can consult with a worldwide network of GAPS Practitioners. 

The Coach

The Coach
Eoin is a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach and GAPS Practitioner. He also holds a University Degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Experience has taught Eoin to investigate things for himself. He also holds a number of qualifications in Nutrition & Health as well as the GAPS Certificate. He is 'book smart' and 'street wise' when it comes to solving problems.

These factors allow him to offer a unique learning experience to any man or woman, boy or girl who comes to see him. He helps people to get better with food!

"In 2009, I listened to  an interview with Doctor Natasha Campbell-McBride. In short, she completely changed my view of nutrition and health. I am now a traditional food enthusiast."


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Are You Suffering?

Whether you have an irritable bowel, poor immunity, excess body fat, low energy, allergies, joint pain, poor memory, poor appetite, sugar cravings, heartburn or any other complaint, correct nutrition will improve the situation. 

All of the body's systems interact with the gut. Correct nutrition will help the gut to function properly.  

Improving gut health will always benefit your overall health.


 Who Should Care?

Correct Nutrition is for everyone. Babies, children, adolescents, adults and seniors all require nutrient dense foods. If you or your family want to have fewer health problems and excellent physical development, we can help you get there.