In the past, some of the most prized and sought after foodstuffs were: cinnamon, ginger root, cloves, vanilla pod, coconut oil, turmeric root etc. Nowadays we have a nutritionally inferior, processed version of all of these wonderful flavours. The fresher they are and the closer they are to their natural form, the more they will have to offer you. I experiment with all of these flavours from time to time particularly with bitter foods such as kefir.

There are also many herbs and leaves available that can do magical things to flavour our meals. I particularly like roast lamb with mint sauce. Also, a bay leaf can transform the flavour of many beef dishes. I recommend any good recipe book for guidance on the use of these flavourings. Otherwise you can just throw caution to the wind and experiment!

Using some of these flavourings, I have invented my own type of tea which I am very proud of. It contains only health giving ingredients. Look for "Magic Tea" in the right-hand column.