Refined Sugar

Refined sugar has no nutritional value. At molecular level, sucrose is made up of two parts glucose and nothing else. Sugar actually needs small amounts of many natural substances to be used up by the body. Natural, unrefined sweeteners such as brown sugar, molasses and raw honey contain all of the small amounts of nutrients required by the body for metabolism. They will not cause nutritional deficiency like refined sugar can.

Artificial/Engineered/Extract Type Sweeteners

Chemically engineered sweeteners and other extracted sweeteners have no nutritional value and are foreign to human physiology. None of them are found in nature in the form that they are presented to us commercially, as sweeteners. There are always new sweeteners coming on the market. Like saccharin and aspartame, it is only a matter of time before each of these foreign substances are proven to be harmful. It's best to avoid them until proven otherwise.

Natural Sweeteners

Natural methods of sweetening have been used across the globe for millenia. Natural sweeteners are real foods, offering nourishment as well as sweetness. They can also stimulate improved immunity by providing pollen (raw honey) and other immune building factors.

These natural sweeteners also come with unique flavour:
raw honey, blackstrap molasses, unrefined cane/beet/date sugar (many brands), real maple syrup (not high-fructose corn syrup or other copycats),  fresh raw stevia leaf (or leaf powder).