Natural Springs

Old wells and natural springs helped many of our ancestors to live long lives in good health. Nowadays, in the mainstream media, there is a lot of scaremongering about infected waterways. In all cases, try to have wells and pumps properly maintained to avoid contamination. Farming effluent and excess crop spraying can also result in contaminated waterways and it is best to avoid these threats to your health. You should also have the water tested by a trusted expert, preferrably one who will allow you to witness the testing procedure.


Since the 1950s, fluoride has been considered an essential mineral. This is because it was shown to strengthen the enamel of children's teeth. Since then there have been many campaigns in different states across Europe, resulting in the removal of fluoride from the majority of tap water supplies in the region. Ireland is the most heavily fluoridated country in Europe. Outside of Ireland, only the Basque region and 11% of the United Kingdom have fluoridated tap water. It is likely that Irish people will follow the lead of the other European states and remove flouride from the water in the coming years. If you want to learn more about the Irish anti-fluoride campaign and the proven negative effects of fluoride, visit the following website: