To make your own yoghurt you need milk and a starter culture.

If you wish to pasteurise your milk, pour it into a pan, heat on low heat until boiling point (~100 C) and then remove the heat source. Do not allow the milk to boil. Place the pan in cold water to cool. When cooled, pour into a glass jar add the starter culture. Cover loosely to allow for expansion due to fermentation. Cloth and a rubber band works best.

You can use a yoghurt starter pack or the contents of a high-quality probiotic capsule as your starter culture. Alternatively you can use a spoonful of commercially available natural yoghurt as a starter culture. Once you have successfully made your own yoghurt, you can use a spoonful of it as the culture for the next batch of yoghurt.

After approximately 24-48 hours of fermentation, you will have yoghurt. You can go a further step by dripping it through cheesecloth/muslin, seperating curds from whey.