Healthy Body


A healthy body will have strong immunity, will recover quickly from infection and seldom get the typical colds, chest infections and flu that many people experience today. The first line of defense can prevent small particles in the air causing infection. The combination of nose hair for filtering, moucous membrane for engulfing and healthy nasal flora (good bacteria) can prevent many infections. It is also quite important that we primarily breathe through the nose so that we employ this filtration system. This feat is much easier to achieve if the nasal passage is wide enough.

The lungs have a similar method of dealing with small particles except there are no hairs and therefore no filter. The lungs rely heavily on a thick mucous membrane to trap small particles.


Ihe passage from mouth to bowel is a long journey for the food we eat. In a healthy body, digestion can start in the mouth as the mouth produces some digestive enzymes. More importantly, a healthy body will have straight teeth with no overcrowding, no undershot jaw etc. Chewing is a very effective means of breaking foods down. Cavities don't help when it comes to masticating food but these are rare in healthy teeth.

Proteins in our food will begin to be broken down in the stomach. Once food passes into the small intestine, the pancreas secretes more digestive enzymes and fats and carbohydrates begin to be broken down. In a healthy person, all these processes work fine. Many people suffer with problems in these early stages of digestion, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Recently it has been discovered that the remainder of the gut is often the source of the problem for many chronic illnesses. A properly functioning gut is lined with a moucous membrane, populated with millions of beneficial bacteria, performing vital roles of digestion and protection for the rest of the body. A properly functioning gut will allow only fully digested particles of food to pass into the blood.

Organs such as the liver and kidneys will excrete unwanted materials, to be passed in the stool and urine. The main bulk of the stool will be any fibre that has been ingested as well as many colonising bacteria that have 'served their time' in the gut. Stools will be passed easily, normally at least once per day.

Development & Adaptation

A healthy body will adapt effectively to cope with the environment. During the early stages of development a healthy body will need certain building blocks for building a strong and sturdy frame. Muscular development will also require the correct building materials to be supplied. Development of the brain is no different, and will occur successfully if the correct materials are available. Throughout life a healthy body will be better able to adapt to stressors such as physical exertion (i.e. training), mental challenges (i.e. problem solving), acquisition of complex skills (i.e. playing sport). It is important throughout life to supply the body with adequate materials so that it can carry out developments and adaptations that will be asked of it.

Hair & Skin

A healthy body will exhibit thick, strong hair with it's own natural oils. The skin is similar, producing natural oils as well as maintaining a level of beneficial bacteria on it's surface. It is best not to wash away these oils and flora as they offer protection from the environment.


We use all of our senses to interact with our environment. We use them to learn how things work in our surroundings and usually we use many of them at the same time. A healthy body will have better than 20/20 vision, excellent hearing and ability to track sounds, well developed tactile sensitivity and last but not least, combined use of taste and smell that can identify nourishing foods if the situation arises.


All of this may be difficult to achieve for most of us but it is something to have in mind if you are trying to improve your situation. Most of us are heavily focused on avoiding sickness and disease that we seldom consider excellent health a possibility. I believe that we should feel good about what we are going to do to maximise our health, switching the focus from a negative idea to a positive idea.

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