Real Healthcare

Real healthcare seeks to find the cause of the problem in the individual. Real healthcare is not concerned with the symptoms of the issue. Real healthcare provides an explanation to patients about improving their health. Real healthcare is about improving health, not merely negating the symptoms of sickness. Real healthcare is more about the individual than the procedures.

Healthcare should provide an intervention for people which benefits their overall health. In principle, if a patient is given a second prescription to negate the negative side-effects of the first prescription, then the use of the first prescription is questionable. Perhaps the whole ethos is questionable. This principle applies to vitamin/mineral supplementation as well as pharmaceuticals.

Can You Access Real Healthcare?

The answer is YES. However, for the vast majority of people, real healthcare is not conceivable, and for many reasons. For a lot of people, antibiotics represent an important development in medicine, helping to drastically reduce the cases of tuberculosis in the mid 1900s. Unfortunately, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution to improved health and in a lot of cases, long courses of antibiotics damage the gut and in turn, the body as a whole.

People also tend to go with the flow of things, do not question authority and do not realise the wisdom of our ancestors when it comes to health.

Recently, I spoke to a woman in her fifties who recalls having a big jar of goose fat under the staircase, which her mother used to rub into the chest of any child suffering from a chest infection/cough. This was a tradition handed down from generation to generation. Somewhere along the line however, the next generation decided that they 'knew better'. The bottom line is it worked then (1970s) and it works now, but nowadays it simply isn't packaged well enough. It isn't sexy enough!


It has never been more important for man to reflect on his healthcare. Our species is going through the latter stages of physical degeneration and at the same time, we have all the resources we need to nourish ourselves back to excellent health.

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