Real Research

Real research is not politically motivated but rather is motivated by one person's hunch about a particular topic. Often times the persons hunch is incorrect. Nowadays, the more money you have, the more so-called science you can pay for. This means that you can have a quite ineffective product, such as commercial sports drinks, with quite remarkable sales figures, where the science equates to marketing and very little else. Real research is aimed at exposing the truth for the good of everyone.

Weston A. Price

In the early 1900s, Weston Price embarked on a journey around the globe, in which he studied the dental health, immunity, physical development and diet of 39 seperate indigenous populations. The study lasted about ten years. Being a Dentist by profession, he analysled tens of thousands of teeth, noting the number of caries (cavities/decay/tooth loss) in each individual. His team also took samples of the diet and performed chemical analyses.

In his dental practise Price had noticed the deterioration of dental form, particularly in the young. He noted that the 'official' explanation for overcrowding of the teeth was the cross-breeding of different races of people. This however was unfounded and Price had a hunch that modern so-called 'developments' in food processing had something to do with the rampant dental deformities he saw every day. It was common that crooked teeth would be seen in a child whose biological parents had straight teeth. Another similar anecdote from Price was a narrowing of the middle third of the face when compared with the parents, who would have a more rounded face.

Prices research is really only showing it's value today. Nowadays we have a food pyramid that does not resemble any one of the indigenous diets Price encountered early last century. With all our modern nutritional analyses and scientific studies, shouldn't we have come up something similar to the foods that have helped our species survive for millenia? The truth is that Price's work is what I call 'Real Research'. If you wish to learn about the adventure that took Weston Price over a decade to document, then read his book Nutrition & Physical Degeneration.

Real Research Today

Other Real Research is ongoing and is carried out by concerned people who want what's best for human-kind. We must appreciate that real researchers do not receive a lot of government funding to carry out these types of studies. Neither is their work given adequate media coverage by the mainstream media. Thankfully, real research is telling us to revert to consuming traditional foods and using traditional techniques and to eat as much of them as we need, using our senses to guide us.

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